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  • Writer's pictureMichael Connolly

Just Bought! Potts Point

Our client came to us after finding her perfect home but unsure how much she should pay or how to proceed with the purchase.

"Michael and Hugh helped me negotiate the purchase of a property that I found. They moved at pace and managed to secure the property within four days. It was my first property purchase, so they guided me through the process step by step and I knew I was in safe hands. Michael and Hugh were exceptional: highly professional, detail orientated and great negotiators. I am delighted with the result and could not have done it without them."

By utilising our “Negotiation Only” service option, we were able to provide our client with our comprehensive comparative market analysis (CMA) and due diligence package to ensure she had all the right information to purchase with confidence. We advised our client on price, our recommended strategy and then we negotiated directly with the agent to secure the property for an amazing deal. 


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