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  • Writer's pictureMichael Connolly

Just Bought! Rose Bay

"The smartest and most sensible property search decision we made was 6 weeks ago, engaging the services of Michael Connolly & Hugh Murray-Walker who helped us realise our dream of our first family home!

Many people had talked to us and recommended Buyers Agents. Already owning investment properties, and believing we were across the real estate market in Sydney, we couldn’t see the value of this service. However, having felt defeated over the last 18 months, and emotionally exhausted, we decided to invest in this specialist service. The energy shift was instant to that of confidence and hope - working with Michael and Hugh, who are specialists in the market, have extensive networks, inside knowledge and the capability to move quickly. This is a multi-decade, high-end investment, we now see that it's common sense to work with a specialist. From the first inspection, due diligence, through to negotiations and contract signing, all was complete in less than 24 hours!

You can read about it, hear of it, but the most powerful is when you 'feel it'. They say first impressions are pretty accurate - after 5 minutes with Michael and Hugh, we were blown away by how our desired approach to securing our new home had been shifted. They are both personal, professional and persistent, and invested as much emotional energy as us into realising our dream.

 As we sit and enjoy coffee at our favourite cafe just one block from our new home on this beautiful Saturday morning, we empathise for the potential buyers whose inspection was cancelled this morning because we secured our dream last night.”

Hugh and I have just bought this beautiful 2-bed Art Deco unit in Rose Bay for a lovely young family, we’re so happy for them and we’re so very humbled by their generous feedback.


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