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  • Writer's pictureMichael Connolly

Just Bought! Surry Hills​

Hugh and I have just bought a fantastic unit in Surry Hills for a young family, thrilled with their first investment property.

“Having Michael and Hugh do all the grunt work around buying our property was a godsend. They looked after the tedious & time consuming, leaving us with the more fun aspects of only looking at properties that fit within our criteria. They dealt with the agents and negotiated on our behalf, all while we carried on with our day jobs. Then when we found the right property, their expert team enabled us to move very quickly and secure it pre-auction. Professional, thorough and attentive, not only were Michael and Hugh a pleasure to work with, they added enormous value to our search, and we’ll be using them again in the future.”

Our clients were looking for their first investment property, and we knew it would be an important purchase and lay the groundwork for building a successful portfolio. Together we identified a few key hotspots with excellent potential for capital growth and strong rental demand. This one bedroom unit in the ever popular St Margarets complex is very well maintained and highly desirable for tenants.


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