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  • Writer's pictureMichael Connolly

Just bought! Waterloo

Hugh and I have just purchased, off-market, this spectacular penthouse unit atop the ‘Allure’ building for our client. Looking for several years previously, they came to us with a very specific brief; when we found this unit with its huge outdoor entertaining spaces, we all knew it was the perfect fit. Completely off-market, we were the only buyers to see it. Our client is over the moon!

"Michael and Hugh took the time to understand what it was I wanted in a home so when the right one came along, we were able to move very quickly. Their relationships with other agents are key, giving them access to unique properties before anyone else. After years of searching on my own, what I needed was someone to help me through the process and talk through my doubts, no matter how small, to feel confident in my purchase."


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