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  • Writer's pictureMichael Connolly

Just bought! Waterloo

Hugh and I have just bought two very happy boys this incredible top floor, north-east facing unit with a huge 55m2 balcony!

We had been searching for 6-months before we decided to get the full firepower of Hugh and Michael onto the job of securing a property; always knowing a buyer's agent was a good idea, but having a lot of previous experience with property had felt confident we could get it done ourselves. I’m sure we could have, but I can honestly say that after sitting with them and formally discussing the brief, we really got a better sense of not just what might be possible but of what we really wanted ourselves. The search then started getting much more interesting with properties we’d never have seen, giving us a much better perspective and really honing in on that ‘what do we really want’. When Hugh found the property, we eventually bought it was their knowledge, skill and, frankly tenacity that ensured we secured our goal property with a monster balcony and lots of lovely light and air. We loved that they absolutely nailed the brief, understood our needs and, most importantly - ensured we were the successful ones that got the property.


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