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  • Writer's pictureMichael Connolly

Just bought! Surry Hills

Hugh and I have just purchased this beautiful terrace with a large north-facing backyard and studio. Our clients are delighted and can’t wait to enjoy long evenings in the serenity of their new home.

"It was a long search - more than two years - but we’re super happy with the place we found in the end. Our learning is that we should have brought you guys in earlier! There were some places early in our search that we lost that we shouldn’t have.

We also discovered how important ‘green’ is to us. It was always on the brief, but the houses we loved always had fantastic green spaces, and even the best houses, without green, weren’t ever ones we loved. I think we knew it, but only when we looked back on the list of houses we really had strong feelings about, they all had great green spaces. I’m not sure what that nugget of wisdom is - something about taking the time / knowing yourself to truly understand what makes you happy and makes a house a home. And I guess the last reflection is that we never wanted to renovate - we’re both busy & time-poor, but having bought a house with plans already through council feels exciting. Yes, we’ll have the pain of renovation, but at the same time, we’ll have the dream house pretty quickly if we move ahead straight away with the renovation, but we’ll be able to do it exactly as we want it. The best-renovated houses we saw always had something not quite ‘us’ about them, and we’re so excited that this house will be exactly to our liking."


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