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Recent purchases

  • Writer's pictureMichael Connolly

Just bought! Elizabeth Bay

Hugh and I were delighted to help a good friend build his property portfolio, what a great buy!

"After being on the lookout for a purchase for a while now with little success, I reached out to Mike and Hugh for some help.

They sent me this apartment which was exactly what I’d been searching for. Hoping to avoid disappointment on auction day, I asked if they’d help negotiate a pre-auction sale for me. Their ability to negotiate was astounding and their great relationship with the agents proved invaluable for my purchase; I had absolute confidence that if anything happened between agreeing a price and exchange, they’d know straight away.

Even as we worked through the agreement with the conveyancers as things came up that could have been an issue, Mike and Hugh were straight on the phone to get them resolved. Not leaving anything to chance, I’ll be sure to engage Mike and Hugh for their expertise, knowledge and skill on my next purchase.”


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