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  • Writer's pictureMichael Connolly

Just bought! Potts Point

I have just bought this terrace in Potts Point and my client is the perfect buyer to realise its enormous potential!

“My property search had been a very long and unsuccessful one, it was over 11 months before I met Michael and decided a buyer’s agent may be just what I needed. 

After a thorough discussion of my parameters, price range and areas I was targeting the hunt started. It was great. Michael lined up units to view each sat morning, came and picked me up with the itinerary and drove me to all of the showings asking what I liked, did not like or if it was the one. But within weeks I threw Michael a curveball and told him that my partner and I had decided to buy together to open up our search to a much greater range of properties and the process started over again with Michael more than happy to change up the search.

  Shortly thereafter we found it, a wonderful property but with several challenges; from vendor to zoning and its current commercial use. Without his guidance and relationships in the real estate community, I don’t think this purchase would have stood a chance of happening. So thanks Michael for helping us find our perfect fixer-upper.” 

I’m thrilled for my clients; this property has so much potential, it's the perfect opportunity to convert it from a tired office space into a luxurious terrace house and they have all the energy and knowhow to make it happen. I can't wait to see the end result. 


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