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  • Writer's pictureMichael Connolly

Just bought! Potts Point

Hugh and I have just purchased, off-market, this designer apartment in 'The Rex' with a fantastic outdoor terrace perfect for entertaining.

"I had my doubts about working with a buyer’s agent as initially I felt that I could handle the process, find what I liked and negotiate outside of an auction. I’d also spoken to a couple of agents, but it wasn’t until I met Michael – that I had the confidence that there was a significant benefit to engaging an agent to work on my behalf. Michael was kind enough to give me several options of how we could work together – that was what got me over the line initially. I didn’t feel forced, sold to nor was there any sense of an over promise in terms of what he could deliver.

In terms of the actual process – Michael was a sounding board for decisions I was making. He took the emotion out of the situation and gave perspective to me. The huge benefit of engaging Michael was his knowledge of the vendors' agents, the area and better insight than I could have imagined during the actual negotiation. He stopped me making bids without a clear strategy and giving up too much too soon. I was under pressure to secure the property because of how much my partner liked it. At first, we thought we had no chance of this particular property, but Michael advised that we needed to bide our time and let the process work in our favour.

Ultimately, when it was time – things happened rapidly, and Michael remained totally at our side working with both our lawyer, the agent and us to keep us in the best position. We found out just after signing the contract that another significant bid came in, but it was our speed and clarity of approach that ensured we were successful. We ended up obtaining the property for less than we had budgeted for.

Michael is straight down the line and is extremely practical when it comes to property. I’d have no hesitation in recommending him to anyone who is in the market."


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