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  • Writer's pictureMichael Connolly

Just bought! Paddington

I have just bought off-market this superbly renovated 2-bed apartment in “Paddington Barracks”.

“After searching for nearly two years we decided to engage Michael to help us resolve what seemed to be an impossible list of requirements.

This he did with charm, professionalism and infinite patience and during the search showed us how to consider our brief as a whole and focus on the most important criteria. This simple idea brought everything into perspective for us and within a fortnight the impossible became possible and we had exchanged on the dream apartment.”

I really enjoyed working with this client, from a difficult brief we have found the perfect unit that suits their requirements. A unit beautifully renovated by the previous owners, being an architect and interior designer, who have done a marvellous job creating a stylish home. 


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