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  • Writer's pictureMichael Connolly

Just bought! Paddington

Hugh and I have just purchased, off-market, a top floor unit in ‘Whites’ for our client, who after recently missing out on another unit in the building is very excited. This spacious sunny unit has a more desirable single-level layout and will make a beautiful home.

"I engaged Michael and Hugh to help me navigate the purchase of an off-market apartment in Paddington. There were a few different options available in the same building but we'd recently missed out by a few thousand dollars at auction on one and wanted to ensure success this time. Michael & Hugh - provided me with a comprehensive overview of the different apartments’ pros, cons and potential watch-outs. They provided really sound advice as we were not sure which one to go for and had difficulty assessing which would be most suitable for us. They also helped us craft a strategy to navigate the challenges of multiple buyer interest for the apartment we actually wanted. Even though a late buyer came in, we were able to secure the apartment. But that isn't the end of their input. They've continued to support us as we go through settlement which is invaluable. Buying property in Sydney is a minefield and you need people like Michael and Hugh on your side."


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