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  • Writer's pictureMichael Connolly

Just bought! North Sydney

Hugh and I have just bought, off-market, this great unit in North Sydney for a repeat client. It’s incredibly rewarding to be entrusted by repeat clients, and this property will be a fantastic addition to their growing investment portfolio!

"Michael & Hugh made it happen again for me and I am not only very pleased, but the whole process reinforced the value of having professionals to help you with these 'big property purchases'.

After by chance, coming across an apartment to buy as an investment property, I asked Michael & Hugh to help with the review of the property and the auction. They set about a professional review of the pros & cons of this property and provided invaluable input and insights. This allowed me to evaluate if I should buy and at what price. So I felt very prepared for the auction, and in a significantly stronger position to make considered decisions.

However, in addition, Michael suggested we proactively contact all the owners of similar properties in the building and see if any were interested in selling off-market prior to the auction. Amazingly this initiate paid off and I ended up buying on a higher floor, with better views and aspect, the day before the auction. The price I paid was very vindicated given the auction sale price of the original apartment.

This would have never have happened without the expertise, knowledge and efforts of Michael & Hugh.

Thank you again."


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