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  • Writer's pictureMichael Connolly

Just Bought! Darlinghurst

I have just bought, off-market, a superb 3-bed terrace house in Darlinghurst for country clients that they will use as their home away from home. This property will be their Sydney base as they find themselves with an increasing need to visit the city. 

“Michael, thanks so much for your help with finding mum and dad’s new home. I’ve been helping with the unpacking etc. and hanging out there a lot lately and it’s just the loveliest house... we are all so excited about it!”

The brief was particularly tight as they love just two streets in Darlinghurst; Surrey Street and Caldwell Street. I contacted my network of local agents and we turned up the perfect property on Caldwell Street, off-market and offered exclusively just to us. 

This impressively proportioned terrace is expertly renovated. It embodies the finest in sophisticated contemporary living yet retaining the timeless charm and character of the Victorian era, this beautiful terrace is a haven of unrivalled quality and taste that my clients just love. 


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