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  • Writer's pictureMichael Connolly

Just Bought! Coogee

We have just bought our client his dream unit overlooking Coogee Beach!

“Mike and Hugh were great partners in my journey right from the outset. They spent the time necessary to understand my property goals, and we formed a strong relationship during the search. I was confident that when the right opportunity presented itself, Mike and Hugh would be all over it - and they were… 

…using a buyers agent was a great decision, and the results have paid for themselves a thousand times over.”  

Our client’s brief was a 2 bed, unit with balcony, parking and the potential to add value through renovation. While lifestyle and views were important, creating wealth by buying smart was our client's number one goal. We have just ticked every box and secured him - off-market - the perfect unit for an incredibly good price. 

During our search another unit in this same building sold at auction, we knew it was a perfect fit but in a hotly contested auction, it sold well above budget. Following that sale and via an off-market negotiation we purchased our very lucky client a similar unit in the same building comfortably within his budget. Our client loves that he has instant equity from day one and that he can create further equity by updating the interiors. He also loves the glorious Coogee Bay views and iconic beach lifestyle.


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