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  • Writer's pictureMichael Connolly

Just bought! Bondi Beach

We have just bought this beautiful boutique apartment in Bondi and our clients are in disbelief! Our clients had been looking unsuccessfully for over two years before enlisting our services, now they’re amazed at how successful the outcome has been. This attractive Art-Deco garden apartment fulfils their brief completely and they’re excited to make this their home for many years to come. 

“Michael and Arija worked tirelessly to show us numerous off, pre and on-market properties, yet we felt no pressure to make decisions or settle for anything less than our ideal property. They were both patient and incredibly supportive. When they did find the perfect place we feared it would be above our budget, Michael just said ‘leave it with me’. His savvy strategy and brilliant negotiating secured our new home at a phenomenal price.

Michael kept us informed every step of the way, was transparent with all the negotiations and took care of all the due diligence to ensure we purchased a good investment and first family home. The result was more than we ever thought possible - and we must have looked at over 100 properties before signing, we are still in disbelief."


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